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Time Management

1. Discover

Read the introduction, to familiarise  yourself with the subject 

2. Prepare

Complete the actions indicated below 2 – 5 days before the training session.

3. Practise

Your engagement during the session is a crucial element for a successful session and long term benefits.

4. Anchor

Read the additional materials and review the concepts discovered during the session. 

5. Perform

Implement at work and benefit from  our expert support after the session(s)




Time management is essential because it allows you to regulate your workday and grow your business without jeopardising your work-life balance. It is the technique of organising your available time and controlling how much time you spend on specific tasks to perform more efficiently. Some people find it easier to manage their time than others, but everyone can establish routines to enhance productivity. Work and well-being can suffer if you don’t have a good system, which can lead to:

  • Creating low-quality work
  • Failure to meet deadlines
  • Stress levels are rising.
  • Destroying your work-life balance
  • Causing damage to your professional reputation
  • Negative impacts on your family and friends


    “The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.”

    Stephen Covey


    Effective time management:

    • Assists leaders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in reaching their objectives.
    • Help you in all aspects of your life.
    • Is essential for better prioritisation and increased output.
    • Makes you more deliberate about how you spend your time.




    If not already done, share your action plan with our expert.

    Perform, if any questions