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Time Management & Personal Productivity


Why Time Management?

Time management is essential because it allows you to regulate your workday and grow your business without jeopardising your work-life balance.  It is the technique of organising your available time and controlling how much time you spend on specific tasks to perform more efficiently.  Some people find it easier to manage their time than others, but everyone can establish routines to enhance productivity. Work and well-being can suffer if you don’t have a good system.

“Your ability to generate power is directly proportional to your ability to relax.”
David Allen

“You must use your mind to get things off your mind.”
David Allen

I have been using GTD (Get Thing Done)  for five years and have assisted many persons in getting started with this fantastic productivity tool. It is not suitable for everyone. But if you’re prepared to put in the effort, this strategy can and does work for millions of people.
GTD® is a registered trademark of The David Allen Company, and this course is not endorsed by or affiliated with them in any way.

Learning Objectives

Organise and implement

Organise yourself and improve your performance without experiencing stress.

Create a bespoke process, routine for your personal and professional productivity.

Digital implementation.


Discover, understand and learn GTD methodology (Get Thing Done) 

Priorities management: use Stephen Covey matrix 

Zero Email Inbox

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Time Management Sessions

Session 1 - Basics

  • Concept review
  • Choose your app or paper method
  • Direct your inputs to chosen capture tools

3 hours 

Session 2 - Advanced

  • Identify the next actions
  • How to use your calendar 
  • Practice

3 hours

Session 3 - Expert

  • Manage your projects
  • Fix your priorities
  • Practise

2 hours

Zero Email Inbox

  • Concentrate on the most vital tasks.
  • Reduce your quantity of reactive work and the amount of time you spend on email.
  • Practise

2 hours


Already gives results, sketchiness, and a clear understanding of the working day. The structure helps me to organise many days in advance.


Senior Consultant

Everything was informal and friendly. Other participants and I had the opportunity to express our opinions


Sales Manager

The training was as simple as possible, and there was no need to keep track of different blocks.


Finance Controler

I have already started to use simple and straightforward tools.


Logistics Manager

Unusual, since the training was not held as a monologue, but was in a lively discussion, which is generally rare.


Head of Commercial Department


Live Sessions

Online or Offline
Live sessions with our Expert

12 Hours Course

10-hours of group session (4 sessions of 4H)
+ 2-hours of one to one session.

Work in Group

Group assignments during the sessions

Course Methodology

We apply the principles and practices of Training from the Back of the Room (TBR) and the Kirkpatrick evaluation model when designing all of our courses and training program.

Training from the back of the room

TBR is an approach based on Sharon Bowman’s books “Training from the Back of the Room” and “Using Brain Science to Make Learning Stick”. This method leverages the science behind how the human brain learns to design and deliver great learning experiences.  For more information, please visit Sharon Bowman web site.

The Kirkpatrick Model

The Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation, first developed by Donald Kirkpatrick, is the most popular model for evaluating the effectiveness of a training program. The model includes four levels of evaluation, and as such, is sometimes referred to as ‘Kirkpatrick’s levels” or the “four levels.” For more information, please visit the Kirkpatrick website.


4,000 Euros

Price for one group
10-15 Students
Online or Offline

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